There seem to be a lot of X-Filers among the GT crowd, including myself and Wax-tadpole who (perhaps less seriously than I took it, but, dammit, I march to MY drummer!) suggested a watch club.

I'm happy to facilitate if anybody wants to jump on board. I suggest picking one non-arc episode (going chronically) to Netflix and then I'll post an open thread about it the following week. 10/13 is a Sunday, so maybe thread days should be Sundays?

I reckon "Home" would be good for a Halloween theme, like a good Fox syndication throwback.

I realized I hardly remember series 1, so I'm now itching to go through it. So, anybody interested? If so, how about starting with "The Jersey Devil""Shapes"?

ETA: Episodes definitely on the watchlist (AKA my faves):

... basically, all the Vince Gilligan episodes to attempt to fill the void ...

ETA2: Let's start with "Bad Blood"! I'll post about it on Sunday. In the meantime, lemme know if you if you have suggestions. This will be fun. :)