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Do you want more LeVar Burton in your life?

What kind of question is that, of course you want more LeVar Burton in your life. If anything the Reading Rainbow kickstarter has proved is that we, as a society, greatly require more LeVar Burton. Well, lucky for you LeVar guest hosted the YouTube show Sci Show, where he explained the science behind double rainbows.

The video is charming and LeVar Burton is charming, and I think this video is a great example of why the world needs more educational programming with folks like LeVar Burton behind it. It's amazing just how engaging he is in a simple four minute video.


I'm thrilled that Reading Rainbow got the funding it needed so quickly, and I'm looking forward to the point in the month where I have a little more money to spend so I can donate to the kickstarter (and get that sweet fridge magnet).

And because this is a post about LeVar Burton, and because this is the internet, here's a Community gif:

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