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Do you watch "Clarence" on Cartoon Network?

Don't mainpage, and I guess I could throw in a TW for sexual assault, though no details are revealed:

I've never watched the show, but I read this article yesterday about its show runner, Skylar Page, getting fired for a sexual assault on a storyboard artist on another production.


Apparently there's a hot mess of Page being "quirky" to the point of being irresponsible on his own show, which led to some other artists on the show either leaving or getting fired, depending on which anonymous internet comment you care to believe. But nothing was really done until he assaulted the storyboard artist. Of course she's getting a ration of shit because after going to HR, she posted to twitter. However, she didn't reveal who assaulted her; someone else did, then she confirmed that it was Page who was responsible.

Of course the comments are running the gamut of praising the storyboard artist for speaking up to "How do you know he did anything?" to how irresponsible the storyboard artist was to take to twitter to begin with before "all the facts were in", to updates that show that he has bi-p0lar, has been hospitalized before, but had additional "quirkiness" that excused some apparently borderline bad behavior. And never forget how his life is ruined; never mind the storyboard artist he apparently assaulted. THE POOR GUY.

I'm glad he got fired, and I hope the storyboard artist doesn't experience any fallout over her speaking up. The Boys Club that is animation can be very fearful of women who dare speak up about bad treatment.

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