Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

EDIT: Somebody pointed out to me that I may have (completely unintentionally) spoiled some people with my previous headline and first paragraph. Because of that, I’m changing the headline and adding this paragraph and a couple spacers. I’m so sorry if I spoiled anyone! Apologies all around.


*extra spacer*

*yet another spacer*

*just another spacer so we’re all satisfied*

Okay let’s begin.

Apparently tonight’s Doctor Who episode is Clara’s last, due to Jenna Coleman going on to brighter roles and shinier productions (she’ll be playing Queen Victoria. I’m more than a little excited). I haven’t seen the episode yet, but what do you guys think of Clara as a whole?


I’m tired, so this post is very small. Oh well. Cheers.

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