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Doctor Who Fans: What's Your Opinion of Torchwood?

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I just finished the first three season and... Jesus.

The first two were absolutely ridiculous, although I somewhat I enjoyed the cheese. I feel like characterization, ironically, was their biggest issue.


Is Owen a ladies' man or a damaged little boy in man pants? Is Tosh a shy and withdrawn or just trying not to draw attention to herself because of her mysterious (and totally bizarre) past? How is it that Gwen and Owen's affair is basically never mentioned again, and isn't it convenient that Owen is made a ladies' man two episodes before he's forever changed by love? Why is Ianto so cute? Why do I sound Jamaican if I try to do a Welsh accent?

And then the third is suddenly one of the best TV mini-series I've ever seen? How does that happen?


We just started the fourth, which is another sharp turn in terms of quality and tone. I'm not optimistic, because the SuperAmerica theme already seems over-the-top and I hate when any show involving Americans and Brits spends a big chunk of its time focusing on "fish out of water" elements. "Toll bridges?! Now I've seen everything! Wales, you're so crazy!"

Anyway — any big Doctor Who fans also Torchwood fans? What do you think of the show overall?

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