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Doctor Who Midnight Show/Thoughts On The Premiere Episode

The midnight show was a fun experience. There was a guy dressed as Ten who looked eerily similar to him and he was getting pictures taken with people. I counted at least 10 fezzes. We even had someone dressed as the Fifth Doctor, complete with fresh celery stalk. Right as the lights went down, a bunch of people lifted their sonic screwdrivers in the air and waved them around like we were at a concert. Overall, it was incredibly fun and I wish I'd had a sonic screwdriver of my own.

Thoughts about the show:

The sister ship to the SS Madame De Pompadour has been trying to put itself back together using human parts. I liked this plot because it calls back to The Girl In The Fireplace (an episode Moffat wrote during Russel T Davies tenure as showrunner) which helps ground it in the previous universe without being a retread. The Half Face Clockwork man at the center of the plot is creepy and effective.


Did not care for the wholly unnecessary T-rex. It seemed like a random idea that Moffat shoved in for the sake of having a bombastic opener. You don't need that shiz, Moffat. You've got Peter Capaldi.

And speaking of Capaldi, he is great as the Doctor. Great as the zany, "doesn't quite know where he is" freshly regenerated Doctor, great as the "finding out what sort of man his is" Doctor and then finally fantastic as the fully realized character who is kinda needy, kinda sad, kinda scary and very very Scottish.

I enjoyed the way they acknowledged that Capaldi has been on the show before. Repeatedly having him wonder aloud about where he had seen this particular face before and upon realizing it, wondering why he'd chosen that face. I'm curious to see where they're going with that.


Clara was finally given some sort of depth, even though it was mostly people telling her how obnoxious it was to be pissed that the oddly handsome young Doctor had been replaced by an older guy. But I liked that because it gave Jenna Louise Coleman a chance to emote beyond Cute Impossible Girl. Clara actually has feelings and can be disappointed and properly afraid. I felt her fear while she was trying to hold her breath in front of the clockwork people. Her acting, I felt, was miles ahead of where she was in the last two series. I think Capaldi may have had something to do with that. When you're working with an actor beyond your particular skills, they tend to elevate your performance.


I'm very curious about Missy, the woman who says she's the Doctor's girlfriend. She resides in what she calls "Heaven". The Half Face Clockwork man ends up there after he dies. Who is she? What is this "Heaven" she's talking about? Did Half Face make it to paradise as he wanted to do?

I'm optimistic about the coming series. Capaldi has been a fan of Doctor Who since he was young (as was David Tennant) so I feel like he has an attachment to the series that will hopefully help him steer Moffat in the right direction-he already nixed a flirty relationship with Clara so here's hoping he does more good deeds.


ETA: I also take back what I said about the outfit. He looks rather dashing, actually.

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