Spoilers for New Who episode. Specifically Series 6, Episode 8, "Let's Kill Hitler."

Doctor Who has 12 regenerations, 13 new bodies, as noted by Tom Baker's Doctor in The Deadly Assassin. Now we've come to the 13th body and seemingly the end. Folks are in a tizzy about how they are going to explain further regenerations. But I always wonder if they are forgetting this (or just don't think this applies):

River gives him all the rest of her regenerative energy. Given that we've seen her regenerate twice (once from the little girl into Mels and then into River), it would make sense then that she gave him 10 more regenerations. Or at least enough regenerative energy to make this whole debate about the 13th Doctor being the last a moot point.

It's already been proven that regenerative energy can be passed from Time Lord to human (Doctor Donna) and from Time Lord to...a part of a Time Lord (Metacrisis 10), so why wouldn't River's regenerative energy allow the Doctor more regenerations?

It would be the easiest out for them in terms of skirting the regeneration limit because it would actually make sense. I would hate for them to just say "Oh yea, that limit was just some Time Lord social rule that doesn't really apply."


Do you think Melody's regenerations should count toward the Doctors?