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Welcome To The Bitchery

Okay, so this is kinda a random/odd body issue, but if you know what I'm talking about then I'll be relieved.

So, I think I have odd-shaped feet bones - on the back of my heel just below the tendon I have what I can only describe as bony lumps that protrude somewhat noticeably from my foot. I don't mean like talons or anything, but if you just imagine the bone back there but more lumpy you'd get the idea.


Now, I don't really mind at all - it's not like they're ugly or disfiguring or disabling in any way - but they're just annoying because they literally ruin every pair of shoes and boots I buy. No matter what brand or kind of shoe, after three or four months of wear there'll be a nice little hole in the back right where the bony bits are - they wear away the inner lining and, in my oldest pairs, start to weaken the outer material. Because of this wear, the inner heels of my shoes become rough and irregular, which then rubs on my bony bits and causes terrible blisters (moreso in the summer and with formal shoes). So I usually end up filling in the little hole with cotton wool and then taping over it - which is okay until my bony bits start wearing through that as well. It's annoying to me to spend decent money on a nice pair of sneakers or dress shoes, and them be unwearable after a few months because of the blisters and stuff.

The only reason why I think this is a weird thing is because if everyone had this problem, I'd have thought that shoes would be shaped differently. I've never talked to a doctor about it or anything because, frankly, it doesn't seem like a big deal, but in my ideal world I'd have it fixed somehow - like, maybe have the bones shaved down or something - so I can spend £100 on a pair of shoes and them not be ruined by the end of the year. Does anybody else have this problem, or am I just a foot-freak?

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