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Does anybody use 6pm.com?

Today is a local holiday in Saipan, so almost every single one of my friends has the day off. I don't get any holidays in my job, so I am sitting at my desk, without the numerous people I usually have on Gchat to distract me and keep me from doing something stupid.

Which is how I ended up spending $100 on 6pm.com about 3 minutes ago.

HOWEVER. For $100, I bought a pair of dark purple Gabrielle Rocha cords, a Billabong bikini, an olivia + joy purse, and two pairs of super awesome heels. AND it's free shipping no matter how much or how little you buy or where you live!


Has anybody here ever shopped on this amazing, terrible temptress of a website? I'm simultaneously weeping in shame and gleefully rubbing my hands together at my purchase.

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