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Does anyone else buy their own birthday gifts?

So it is my birthday... and apparently it is Borg's birthday as well.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BORG!!!... I bought all my own gifts this year and had my husband wrap them up... My husband isn't really on the ball when it comes to buying gifts. But like.. I wish he was more into it. He just shakes his head at me buying my own birthday gifts. I know what I want and I want what I want. He thinks if it isn't a surprise, it really isn't a gift. It kind of lessens my birthday. Now I am feeling kind of down because I wish my husband would play along. He hasn't even wrapped them yet. I don't mean to complain about him because he really is a trooper and a super good husband... But damn it, just accept this part of me and play along!

I am excited because I bought myself a whole load of E L F cosmetics when they were 50 percent off and some Tone Finnager pattern books so I can make my baby girl some dolls. So hooray for that!


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