Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

...really lethargic for no reason?

I don't think I'm depressed—it doesn't feel the way my friends have described their depression to me. But I do feel exhausted, no matter how much I sleep (racked up 11 hours on Sunday and 8 hours today...and then I sat on my bed for a couple minutes and fell asleep...), and weirdly lethargic. Like there's a million things I should be doing, but there's almost this...weird wall of exhaustion that makes me completely unmotivated to do any of them. And not just unmotivated...it feels like I can't.


This is really weird for me— though it has happened before when I've been home on break. But I'm home for the whole year, and am looking for a job and applying to schools and trying to edit and hopefully volunteer...and I really can't afford for this to continue. At school or when I've had deadlines, I'm always able to get everything done. Maybe it's because there's not enough pressure...but there are deadlines.

This ever happen to anyone else? How did you break out of your funk?

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