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I haven't been maintaining a normal sleep schedule for awhile. I try to, sometimes, but it is either unsuccessful or sleep wrought with nightmares. There are reasons. I have stresses that I cannot expel and have a hard time coping with. My response to stress, throughout my life, is to not sleep.

It starts with making sure tomorrow starts, but it usually evolves into avoidance of my subconscious expressing itself through dreams. It's not healthy, I know.

Anyway, I think my insomnia is stressing out my pets. My older dog just did a big whine and sigh, and sprawled out on the tile. My younger one seems to be stress eating at 2 am. It's not that they don't sleep all day, but now I feel guilty that they are not getting the sleep schedule they are used to.


Am I'm being a big weirdo in being worried?

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