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Does anyone else just not give a damn about bad smells?

Okay, seriously. I feel like EVERYONE I work with makes an insanely big deal about unpleasant smells. Like, there's some kind of problem with the sink right now in the breakroom and it's smelling like sewer gas. Which is gross, yes. But we already called a plumber, and do you really think it helps anything to mention it EVERY time you walk into the breakroom? Like "OHHH GROSS!" Because I have been sitting in my cubicle and have heard people walk by and mention how gross the smell is not less than 15 times today. I have this problem with when people mention how gross the bathroom smells, too - it's like, Okay, someone pooped, yes, poop smells bad, we got it, DO WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT IT? And also about people's food. I'm sorry if you don't like the smell of our coworker's lunch but shut up about it!

It just seems like a) such a first-world problem, like, geez, things smell bad sometimes, get over it, and b) not worth talking about because it's not actually going to solve anything, and c) kind of rude, like then there's this weird moment where everyone in the office is secretly thinking, "What if I made that smell?" And there's the food shame, which is often kind of racist. We have a Chinese coworker (Chinese, NOT Korean, I might add), and one of my coworkers is always commenting on how "he smells like kim chi and it's disgusting" and I'm just like, "Really?"


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