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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Does anyone else just not have B.O.?

Or am I weird? I think I'm weird.

I'm really tired and kind of in a daze, but I read that article on the mainpage about the guy who hasn't bathed in 60 years and it brought me back to the odd observation about myself which is, essentially, that I do not smell.


Now, for some TMI. I obviously shower. In the summer I shower daily, but in the winter I don't, mostly because my skin is insanely dry in the winter and showering gets it so dry that it cracks. Plus the whole psoriasis thing. Neither my skin nor hair gets oily (hair does after about 3 days of not washing, but even then it's not too bad) and I just don't smell so I can shower every other day and be fine. But I've gone a good week without showering (not all the time. Only when I'm sick or something, like this past week when I had the flu) and still...nothing.

I also sweat a fucking LOT, especially in the summer, but my sweat has no odor at all. Sometimes it'll smell like cigarettes cuz I'm a smoker, but it most certainly does not have a B.O. smell to it.


And it's not just that I can't smell myself. I have asked those closest to me (thank you mom) if I smell after having not bathed for days on end and sure enough, nope.

I almost want to see how long I can go without bathing before I smell, but I feel too icky after a few days and have to bathe.


I feel like I'm wasting money on deodorant at this point.

And yeah, I know I'm gross. #sorrynotsorry

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