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Apologies in advance for a rant about molehills:

So I was reading the main page article about some supposed parody of Blurred Lines and saw some people commenting about "how good it was" and "how they'd rather listen to it than the original" and there was something that just bugged me. Maybe it's just my background as someone who did, for a brief and ridiculous time, make playing music a thing of mine but there was just something that struck me as kind of cheap about the whole thing. It's very easy to "make something better" when the hard work is already done and the reason that Blurred Lines is a hit, in my opinion, is that Pharrell Williams is super, super good at what he does and he created a really catchy beat that was lifted wholesale for the " better" parody.

Don't like someone elses song? Don't like someone elses joke? Fine, good. WRITE YOUR OWN FUCKING SONG THEN. This is actually something that's proven pretty effective in years past. The guys in Lynyrd Skynyrd didn't like Neil Young's "Southern Man" but they didn't just take the exact same song and sing "Canadian Jerk" instead. They wrote "Sweet Home Alabama" and forever afterwards drunk southern bros had a song to call their own. Biggie Smalls didn't like Tupac's"Hit 'em Up" so he wrote "Who Shot Ya?" and that ended up working out for everyone involved*.


So, yes. Address shit you don't like in pop culture. Respond to it. But do it by means of legitimate creativity, don't respond to artistic stupidity with artistic laziness. Be Lynyrd Skynyrd, not Daffy "Mal" Yinkleyankle:

*I'm told by the crack research team here at BLH industries that this did not, in fact, work out for everyone involved.

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