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Does anyone here Android esp. Tasker?

I am fiddling with my phone and would like someone(/people) to bounce ideas off, specifically using Tasker... So far this about sums it up.


Any techie types out there?

Edit to add:

Well, I'm going through tutorials and things that I can find, but the main thing with Tasker is translating what I want to do in English into profiles/actions/variables etc. I've got a couple set up but not quite sure if they're working.
I do know there's a massive learning curve, ad that you can't usually just copy someone but some more walked-through ideas would be cool.


Also Titanium backup is doing my head in :D

And the music player is shite.

A lot of things I see recommended haven't been developed for my phone though (Fame) as it's a budget option ;)


Edit to add specific Tasker example. Grab a cuppa and settle in...

I want to use my home wifi as a trigger for various things. I used this walkthrough to set up how tasker would detect which wifi was nearby. This seems to work, though it does not readjust very fast, not sure why. (So if I go into Variables and look at %SSID it shows the correct SSID. How can I trigger this to check more often?).


Using the same walkthrough, I made a profile of Wifi Connected, the state is "Wifi Connected" but with all the fields left blank as per the instructions. I set this Task up:

1. Perform Task Name SSID

2. Wait 5 seconds

3. Variable Set %WIFIHOME to 1 if %SSID ~ *mywifi*

4. Variable Set %WIFIPARENTS to 1 if %SSID ~ *theirwifi*

5. Mobile Data Set Off if %WIFIHOME~1 | %WIFIPARENTS~1

6. Stop

So this should mean that if Tasker detects my or my parents' wifi, then it will set the appropriate variable (that could be used to trigger something else) and it will turn off mobile data. Correct?


The Exit Task for Wifi Connected is:

1. Variable Set %WIFIHOME to 0 if %SSID !~*mywifi*

2. Variable Set %WIFIPARENTS to 0 if %SSID !~*theirwifi*

3. Mobile Data Set On

4. Stop

So I want to set the two variables and turn on mobile data when I leave my or my parents' wifi.


The first problem is that even if %SSID is correct, %WIFIHOME is still set to 1. I have no idea where the hiccup is?

Second problem - I had another setting to dim the screen when at home, but it didn't work. I've ditched that for now but I think it would stem from the same problem (%WIFIHOME~1 when it shouldn't).

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