Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Does anyone here live in North Dakota?

Anyone? Bueller?

There's a possibility of us moving there. First I flipped my shit, then relaxed a bit, then while googling whether there is outdoor rock climbing anywhere there (spoiler alert: no) came across some people ranting in a forum about how much they hated it.


Do they even have liberals in North Dakota?

They do have yoga in North Dakota, but for some reason it's all Vinyasa.

I want the boy to be happy at work, but, I don't know. This is truly stretching my limits of self-sacrifice. We won't know for at least two months if he gets the job and I'm really anxious and tense about this. The other plan (which he said is still the working plan) is to move back to my home state where all my friends are, and for me to find a good job and to live not too far from a climbing gym and just enjoy it all. Sigh.

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