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Does anyone here understand amiibo?

Help a mom out: WeePiglet is suuuuuuuuuper into Animal Crossing (we have City Folk on the Wii and Happy Home Designer on the 3DS) and we have amiibo cards which I barely understand but she figured them out and the world kept turning.

Hanukkah is coming up and I was in GameStop the other day and they had some Animal Crossing amiibo figurines, which are similar to the cards? But the ones we bought might only be compatible with the WiiU Animal Crossing Festival game? HELP ME FIGURE THIS OUT.

Do I need to return the ones I bought (it’s the 3-pack with KK Slider and two others) and get her something else because I’m not plumping for a WiiU. Or can I keep those and they’ll work in her 3DS game (we have an amiibo reader, which is the thing I think you need if you don’t have a NEW 3DS).


HELP. I want to be a cool mom who gives cool gifts but I don’t understand these things at all!!

Explain it to me like I’m 5, please. (Also, I checked that forum and the amiibo forum on Reddit but those are mostly about availability and rarity and not HOW THESE THINGS ACTUALLY WORK).

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