I'm a recovering Catholic (kinda, I've never been a very devout Catholic), but I'd like to get involved and discover my faith again. I took a quiz (so reliable, I know) and it recommended this faith to me but I am confused as to what they believe in. It seems like they are into social justice and all around things I'm interested in, but they don't say much about God. There is a UU church where I am moving if I ever wanted to check it out, but I wanted to see if any GTers knew anything.

In college I got Confirmed because I thought I needed to find my faith again and instead of doing research, I just jumped back into what I know. I don't regret getting Confirmed because I did learn a lot and Catholicism will always be apart of me and my upbringing, but I don't know if I can identify with it anymore. I don't know how to reconcile how I feel with a religion that doesn't support me taking birth control, doesn't accept LGBTQ people, and will not ordain women as priests.

Anybody else rediscovering their faith/spirituality?