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Does Anyone Think Republican Prosperity Evangelicals Believe Jesus Was A Damned Fool?

If you notice they never talk about Jesus. I keep thinking of the Prosperity movement and about how Jesus’ half brother Satan tempted him. Jesus was offered a kingdom on earth and wealth. both loved by Prosperity Christians.

Those who believe in prosperity theology would see Jesus saying no as a foolish stupid thing. How could one embrace a man who said no to prosperity. Let’s face it they would not. Satan would be the hero in this because Satan believes prosperity is good.


Of course Jesus said to love your neighbor something so repugnant to them as well.

No wonder they love Trump he is the reverse of Jesus who loves wealth and hates our neighbors, except for rich ones. The poor neighbor he would crucify if he could with his followers chanting “crucify him” especially a poor Palestinian who declined joining his fathers carpentry business and cured the sick for free.

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