So, I've been resorting to dry shampoo a lot recently. Honestly, sometimes I put it in even after washing and drying my hair because I just like the way it makes my hair more voluminous. But I was just getting ready for bed and I can't tell whether I have dandruff or I'm just paranoid and it's some build up that I didn't brush out well enough. Either way, I should probably lay off it for awhile, but this winter weather makes my hair SOO flat and static-y and just THE WORST.

I've never had dandruff before and my scalp tends to be more oily than dry anyway, so I'm not sure. But I guess that the dry stuff would tend to dry it out, so who knows? Does this mean I have to buy some head&shoulders tomorrow? Is anyone else like me way too liberal with the dry shampoo or any other product?