One of Elizabeth Gilbert's TED Talks made me cry?

I'm not a big Gilbert fan, by an means. I think that, perhaps, the best thing that's come out of her fame has been discussion of what Sandip Roy calls "The new colonialism," by which he means "white people discovering themselves in brown places." Really, there's a lot to be said about this trope and Eat, Pray, Love provides a wonderful example to explore those ideas, if nothing else. For real, check out Roy's piece and the many others it inspired.

I mean, really, talk about privilege—wealthy white lady travels the world, finding herself and spirituality and true love. Meanwhile, most of the locals in India and Indonesia act as props who exist solely to help Gilbert, and others like her, achieve their own happiness, with no concern for the happiness of brown folks.


Her book is, at the very least, problematic.

Having said that, there's something beautiful in this TED Talk, isn't there? This discussion of creativity and fear really spoke to me, as someone who teaches writers and struggles to write herself. What do you think?