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Does Jezebel Have An Editor?

They need one. At no time should one read an article about celebrities and have no clue who you are talking about. It took me two clicks to find the names.

She Left Him For Him!After weeks of rumors that the 19-year-old Snapchat user had broken up with the 25-year-old MTV… Read on jezebel.​com


I clicked on the first embedded text to get this. She Left Him For Him.

So I clicked again in that articles first embedded text and got this.

Blind items in gossip pages do not have links to links revealing the name. The point of a blind item is to keep it a secret. These two articles I guess tried to be a blind item but was not, and this is my generous Christmas interpretation. Or Bobby Finger the writer was just trying to be cute and just totally annoyed me. He should be happy I am not his boss.

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