Hey y'all, I finally went cold turkey with the sugar 3 days ago. It's been OK except it's humiliating to know how often I reach for sugar when I'm busy at work.

But today I am hungry like crazy. I woke up hungry and had a small apple at 7. Knowing I'd be at work late, I had a huge breakfast at a diner (egg whites with veggies and hashbrowns) at 8:30. For lunch I brought from home a tomato that I stuffed with salmon salad (avocado, salmon and siracha). At about 6:30, I was starving, so ran out and got 1/4 chicken with a side salad which I hoovered up in about 5 minutes.

It was still hungry right after, but decided that I it was because I ate to fast.

But I'm still hungry!!! And this seems like a lot of food today! And I have at least another hour of work.

Is this normal? Any suggestions?