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Does Sarah Bareilles Seem Like A Throwback To The 90s?

I heard this aong the other day. King of Anything. I thought it was Everything which is a rap sound. So I found it on youtube. I also found another song of hers called Love Song.

During the 90s there was a group of really good female singers that merged pop with folk. Sarah McLaughlin (sp), Shawn Colvin, Sarah Hawkins, Jewel and Lisa Loeb. They made some of the best folkish musi that decade.

She sounds like a blend of Colvin and Loeb. The refrain in King of Everything sounds similar in style to Lisa Loeb the rest Colvin. I would love to hear Bareilles do Stay and Sunny Came Home.


King of Anything

Lisa Loeb Stay

Shawn Colvin Sunny Came Home

I will pay more attention to Sarah’s musical future.

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