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I hadn't been unshared before until I started the CurvyStyleFiles blog, and now it seems like whenever I share a post from there or Makeup, Ect to Groupthink, it gets unshared.

I didn't expect it to get to me, to be honest. But I think since my blog is about being Plus Sized and the YouTube channel is something reaaallllly out of my comfort zone, it affects me more when my posts about those things are unshared.

I noticed just a few minutes ago, when my last post was unshared, my head started to run through a field of negative thoughts: GTers are annoyed with you, your being unshared because people think you're being narcissistic, you're being unshared because no one cares about your style/beauty tips.....and that just snowballs. Then I end up getting annoyed at myself for having these negative thoughts! SMH.


I wish when people unshared, they'd just leave a comment, saying "Hey, I unshared this because of _____________", then I'd know where I stood. Because in my head, that one unsharer who doesn't like my post, quickly turns into a zillion unsharers who hate my posts. Illogical, but true.

Anyway this rant is over. I just needed to process it, because I was surprised to find myself having such feelings of vulnerability over unsharing.

Here's something funny for your troubles:

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