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Does this make me a horrible human?

I have spent the whole day in pajama pants and an oversized t-shirt. I have not showered.

Despite my horribly messy apartment needing a serious unfucking, I have spent all day on the sofa, either on the computer, reading, or sleeping.

I am now very seriously considering putting a coat (and hat, because my HAIR OMG) on over my pjs and taking my car through a drive-through for something fried and unhealthy to eat.


This is pretty much what happens every time Separated Asshole has the Bots for the weekend.

I feel like a complete slug of a human right now.

If I put on a coat and a hat (because MY HAIR OMG) and drive through for fast food, am I complete leech on society and a slug and a lazy person who has no worth? I think this makes me a lazy person with no worth.

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