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Does This Sound Correct To You?

I was looking at Bloomberg Network (I was beyond annoyed and bored with the constant Trump/Comey blather). So I put on Bloomberg. Its a financial channel.

The guest, in his 70s, is involved with equities and commercial real estate. He said something that got my interest. I was getting bored. He said its getting to be a bad time for commercial real estate and he believes fairly soon over half of the box stores will be empty in the country.

I am not so sure. Buying online I am sure is fine but I think it does not replace the emotional feel of walking in a store finding what you want then the human connection of paying a clerk. I suspect there is a large enough number of custimers to keep box stores going, although they need to compete with online prices.


Although I admit no matter when I go to the mall or Target seniors often are the largest group. Maybe my mall and local Target, a box store, is outside the norm.

Thoughts? Is he correct?

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