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Does who you are online match who you are in real life?

I recently found out that someone on GT is someone I know quite well in real life. I was really surprised to learn who she was because her online persona is quite different than how she is in real life, and she said the same thing about me. It got me thinking about how differently we act online from how we act in real life.

For me, I’m a bit more open online. I talk about things with online strangers that I probably wouldn’t talk about with the people in my day to day life, such as my anxiety, family drama, and IBS. However, I also find that I censor myself a lot more online. In real life I’m quick to call out problematic behavior, and I’m more than willing to give blunt, but honest and well intentioned advice. When I’m on GT or another community forum, I’m less likely to speak out against something or offer advice that could come off as unpopular or against the majority. When I do, I always go above and beyond to say it in the nicest way possible so that I’m not perceived as being an asshole. I do this because despite people in these forums being relative strangers, I value the communities and want to remain a part of them.

Anyway, I ended up rambling a bit more than I wanted to. What about you guys? Does your online personality match who you are outside the internet?

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