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Does Word Purge Come In Mind?

Trump wants all ambassadors gone by the day he takes office. No transition like we always had, gone. We could be months without new ones. They were all appointed by President Obama all must be gone on January 21. Unprecedented.

No president has done this. This seriously affects national security. Oh wait Trump wants them gone on day one because a “black man who insulted him” appointed them. Lets be honest that’s all Trump sees in our president.

This purge is just the start. He will figure out a way to go after judges appointed by President Obama. Wiping President Obama’s name from history is the goal.


I still think Trump has to be careful. Pence has an office in the Senate and now an office with the House. Makes me think he and Ryan are waiting for a bad mistep to impeach Trump. I am not sure if it would take much. Mental instability would not be that hard for grounds..

Oh god I dread the day when I post “maybe Pence should take over”. I fear its coming.

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