So how's your day going? Oh, shitty? Yeah, mine too. BUT NOT ANYMORE.

Today is one of those days where I just have to laugh because seriously, I feel like I live in a movie. A motherfucking poorly written movie. Turns out that my FIL was just diagnosed with the exact same type of cancer as my father. Yeah, I know, right? Luckily, it is localized and has the same high recovery rate as my father, but apparently cancer is the gift that just keeps on giving this year. HOORAY FOR US!

Anyway, this necessarily called for some cheering up and where better to do that than You Tube? That's when I found this gem:

Get read for three and a half minutes of classical badassery by four women. They're a German group and there are a LOT of videos up that you can watch of their performances if you have the time, but I think this is a great, short into to their style.