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Does Your Man Suffer From Yellow Fever?

I was delighted to see this article on the Jezebel mainpage. A commenter asked if it was "Asian fetish awareness month", but come on, just two articles about a particular race isn't too extreme. People rattle on about the under-representation of Women of Colour, then when two fucking articles about Asians come up, OH IT'S ASIAN FETISH AWARENESS MONTH. YEAH? FUCK YOU. This is the only two times I have seen Asian fetish come up on Jezebel, and I'm going to enjoy this awareness while it lasts, for what, a day????

From Donna Choi's last name, I can tell she's Korean, and I don't want to perpetuate a stereotype, but for the record, some Koreans do enjoy eating dog. (Although they do breed a special dog for consumption. I do not eat dog, but I do recognize that it's a traditional Korean food) She's not trying to "shit on her own culture". Far from it. I enjoyed the drawings- they were crude and a little hyperbolic, and they did a great job conveying the message. I love the imagery and the little Psy in the background.

The comments, again, were a letdown. Far too many people were criticizing it, rather than celebrating, shouting "AMEN!" like they should. I know that Asian issues don't have a lot of publicity, but could you please afford the same respect as you would for any other minority group?


The comments that got me the most was the presumptuous little shits who thought they had a right to say that her comics were "offensive". HELLO???? You, you little white male keyboard warrior, you do not get to tell AN ASIAN WOMAN HOW TO EXPRESS HER RAGE AGAINST ASIAN FETISH. Not that there is anything vaguely objectionable about her piece, but could you please respect the fact that she probably encountered much sexism and racism in her life, and that this is a piece in which she expresses her frustration? She isn't trying to shit on her own culture, and you, anonymous users who secretly recommend these comments, you aren't any better. Are you just angry that Asian women are capable of finding their voices?

Then there are those WAAAAHHH WHAT ABOUT THE MENZ commenters. I suppose they are there for every post, but I have never seen so many before my post about Asian fetish, and Choi's comics were published. SERIOUSLY? I am not lumping you with white men who have Asian fetish, BUT IF YOU EXCLUSIVELY DATE ASIAN WOMEN BECAUSE OF A STEREOTYPE, then yes, admit it, you are a racist, chauvinist pig. Stop. I don't want to hear your whines. And I am not being racist against white men. Can't we just write about racism without having to hear your complaints?

And then there are the "Asian women choose to date white men" complaints. STOP SUGGESTING THAT WE HOLD ASIAN WOMEN ACCOUNTABLE FOR ASIAN FETISH. I can't even. I don't even want to go behind the history of imperialism, colonization, sexism (within and outside Asia) and racism. Please just leave your white privilege behind AND EXAMINE THINGS FROM A NEUTRAL PERSPECTIVE.

Then there's the nice old ad hominem

I'm guessing this woman got dumped by a white guy

No. Fuck off please :)

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