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Welcome To The Bitchery
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"Does your oppression look good on me?"

I'm not hopeful that this will reach the people it actually needs to, but it's nice to see this article on Salon.

"…these experiments aren't without harm. They reinforce the idea that readers or viewers won't believe that oppression is real unless it's mediated through a 'neutral' observer. Thus we have a straight man 'proving' the existence of homophobia and a thin woman 'proving' the existence of fat-shaming. But the best evidence is easily obtained by simply listening to and believing the testimony of the people who are actually affected by such bigotry. By pretending otherwise, media outlets that engage in or encourage these experiments perpetuate the notion that being white, male, straight, middle-class, housed and able-bodied are the default condition of humanity. No one asks a black woman to speak definitively about the white experience. Why should we tolerate the reverse?"


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