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Does your poop smell?

... This is a serious question.

I feel like my poop doesn't really smell bad. Like, sure, I bet if I put my face right in it it wouldn't smell great, but it doesn't usually stink up the bathroom during or have a smell that lingers around after flushing.


But then I think that people always say "so and so think her shit don't stink" AND I'M WONDERING IF I'M JUST AN EGOTISTICAL MONSTER (that sound you hear is my therapist laughing in the background).

Does our own poop really just not smell bad to ourselves, but it does to others? Is there maybe... just maybe.... even the slightest possibility that I am a special poop snowflake? (artist's rendering of my poo above)

So I am formally taking a poll. GTers, do you feel like your poop smells? If none of us feel like our poop smells then obviously all of our poop smells meaning my poop smells and I am just going to have to accept that.

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