Long, long ago, I asked for advice on getting a dog. It took a while to get the rest of the family on board (and to get our landlord to email us back his approval). In that time, the dogs I had been eying were snatched up. I was a bit sad, but kept my eye on the local shelters to see what popped up. Finally, a dog that seemed to be a match did!

We went to the adoption event and met him. He's super friendly, and an incredibly happy dog for having just lost his first family due to a move. He even has a great name!

Now, this place, they don't hand over the dog at these events. There's an application, and (gulp) an interview. In my house. With my family.


I have no idea what to expect. Their page downplays the process, but one of the women there gave me a bad vibe. I felt like I was getting docked points from this one lady for having two kids with me. Every time the other woman enthused about my application, she broke in with "It's not first come first serve" and "The dog will go to the best household, no matter what applications we get."

So now I'm freaking out a tiny bit. The interviewer (not the woman giving me the stink eye) will be here Saturday, so I'm trying to distract my self by seriously unfucking my habitat. I'm also informing my family members to not act like themselves for one hour, because they tend to react to getting nervous by either clamming up or being smart-asses.


Has anyone gone through an interview process before like this?