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Dog Advice?

Hi All, some of y’all know that i’m dealing with a bad roommate situation, and that one of my roommates threatened to kill my dog, Lily.

I got Lil out of the house, and took her up to one of my cousins’ houses on Sunday morning. But evidently yesterday (one of only a handful of days she hasn’t slept at home and/or with me), she paced & drooled so much they had to kennel her much of the day, and then she proceded to bark & howl while in the kennel.


I left one of my hoodies in the kenbel, but it obviously wasn’t enough.

Does anyone have experience with dogs with OCD & anxiety?

I’ll be calling our vet’s office for suggestions, too. But advice would be appreciated.


Lil is used to being unkenneled most of the time when i’m home. And she sleeps ON my bed. She’s goofy, and neurotic, and she’s my heart. I love her, and even though it’s only been a day, i miss her.

But i need her out of the house, for her own safety, because my roommate has threatened to kill her (that roommate is the third roommate—NOT homeowner-roommie!). She appears to be having some kind of slow-ish motion mental health crisis, which is most likely related to Homeowner-roommie giving her a “pay up your back rent or move OUT” ultimatum—but the evictee is focusing most of her hate at Lil & i.


I’ll be calling our vet, too, but in the meantime advice is appreciated!

I apologize in advance, i won’t be able to reply much until afternoon, because i need to get ready for & leave for work soon.

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