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Another dog attacked Buster this morning. He (the other dog) was off his leash, and he rushed Buster and picked him up by the chest with his teeth. I’m at the emergency vet right now — they’re afraid he might have a broken rib or possibly a punctured lung. And he (Buster) bit me when I tried to pick him up to get him away from the other dog and I touched his wound, so the emergency vet said he’s going to have be quarantined for 40 days. She said he can probably stay at home, but she said he can’t leave, and I have an apartment with no yard, so ... I don’t know what the fuck I’m going to do. And I’m just so fucking terrified for Buster, and I have no idea if these people will be able to afford all the medical treatment he’s going to need (just the initial stuff they’re doing this morning is more than $600, and most of that is just to determine what else he needs), and things are crazy at work and I JUST started at this job and I just don’t know what the fuck I’m going to do. The vet said Buster is stable and he should get through this, but I’m still just falling the fuck apart.


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