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I've written before about how Dog B is just rude.

MrAquitaine decided he wanted to do the 100 push-up training challenge. So, after bathing Little Tyrant, MrAquitaine announced that he was going to do his first day of training. He prepared a spot for himself on the floor. The dogs were immediately interested that their lord and master was on their level, but he shooed them away. Dog A settled on the dog bed to nurse his wounded feelings. Not Dog B, though. She backed up a few feet and took a seat to watch.


As MrAquitaine lowered himself to the floor for the first push-up, Dog B just up and slaps him on the back of the head. You guys, if I were a better wife I would have corralled the dog and made sure my husband was okay, but instead I just laughed hysterically. It was so sudden and completely unprovoked—it was like an instinct. He stopped and angrily scolded her; he felt bad, though, and comforted her before going back into position. She must have interpreted that move as an invitation to be his trainer and slapped the floor with her paw every time he lowered himself.

She went on to hump Dog A with enthusiasm. I'm giggling now thinking about it (MrAquitaine can tell I'm still thinking about it and is giving me dirty looks).

Has your pet complicated your workout routines?

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