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Dog Crate Question

Until recently, I have had no problems letting my 2 small pups - 9 lbs and 15 lbs - just chill in my bedroom with the door closed during the day. The dog walker comes and they get their walk/potty break and everything is fine. However. I have been noticing urine stains on my bedroom rug on occasion during the past several months. This was particularly evident when I just got back from a trip and my bedroom reeked of dog pee. It is disgusting and I am using my steam cleaner and sprays like a motherfucker. Perhaps my roommate was not diligent in taking them out while I was away. Perhaps my little dude is just aging and doesn’t want to/can’t hold it like he used to, even with the dog walker during the day. Maybe my she-devil pom is just being an asshole. I am going to do a vet visit soon anyway, so I will pose this question with a professional.

My immediate plan of attack is to put them in a big crate during the day. I don’t like this at all and it makes me sad. They love to lounge on the bed during the day and that’s where they are comfortable (we all sleep together at night), but I cannot have continued accidents on my floor.

Questions: They are absolutely buddies and are totally fine together, but is it okay to put them in one crate, or should they have their own? How much crate should I get - should they be able to roam a little? Is it more comforting for it to be smaller and more cocoon-esque? Has anyone ever crate-trained older dogs, and if so, any tips on making the adjustment smooth/not traumatic for them? I just feel bad, like I am restricting their freedom and punishing them for something they don’t understand.

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