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Dog Days of Summer

Another scorching day. For adults summer is full of sweaty commutes, high electric bills and short tempers. But remember when you were a kid and the long, hot days meant freedom? And even the sweltering nights were magical with meteor showers?

When I was a child my siblings and I spent our days at the community pool. I would meet my best friend there and we played elaborate games of make believe. We were mermaid collies who lived in a castle at the bottom of the deep end of the pool! Or seals, answering our older sisters, who checked on us every couple of hours to make sure we hadn’t drowned, in a series of barks that infuriated them but made us howl with laughter when they stormed off. We emerged from the water only for the agonizing 15 minutes of adult swim each hour. Or when we were hungry and had the money for a frozen Reese’s Cup. At the end of the day we’d go home tired, sunburned, and happy. And slept on one of our porches because it was too hot inside. We’d fall asleep watching the stars.


Do you have a  favorite childhood memory of when summer was a glorious time and not just an inconvenience?

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