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Dog dilemma

I have been trying for a while to adopt a dog. Let me just say I have been so disappointed with the majority of rescue associations in my area that ask one to fill out a very detailed application but then SIMPLY DON’T RESPOND after repeated attempts at contact. Monitoring these for a couple of months now I can see that they haven’t changed their listings at all, and I just don’t think they are real or still in existence. This is using Petfinder.

Anyway, one rescue responded about a month ago, and interviewed me and even sent someone to do a home visit, so I am approved through that agency. However, the dog I originally contacted them about went to someone else so I’ve been monitoring them to see what new dogs they find. In the meantime, last weekend I contacted another rescue, filled out an application and set it in, not expecting much. They responded instantly and I am going to be interviewed by phone today, and potentially meet a puppy this weekend, to be taken home on Dec. 18. On the one hand, it’s so great to get a response, but on the other, it is moving so fast! I wasn’t expecting such a fast turnaround and I am in a training course right now which lasts until mid-January - though the puppy is said to be house trained and I can get a dog walker to come every few hours on days I am out. But anyway — I checked the rescue I am pre-approved for and today they listed a new dog and she is BEAUTIFUL and I really want to contact them about her, because they have a huge list of pre-approved adopters and basically, if you snooze you lose. I want ALL THE DOGS. I’ve never had 2 dogs at a time, but I’ve always wanted two and just didn’t have them because of living in small spaces — I now live in a huge house with a beach.


What do you think, GT? A dog shouldn’t be an impulse acquisition but this wouldn’t be impulse, since I’ve been pursuing it for months (and I’ve had dogs for the last 40 years, until recently). If I contact them, I am not committed, but at the same time I might go from zero to 2 dogs in a few weeks.... ack??

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