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Dog experts? ETA:to remove picture

I'm part of a dog adoption group on Facebook, and someone (who I don't know) just posted this picture (I blocked out the kid's face for privacy) with the caption "[dog's name] does sooooo good with kids"

I'm cringing because an acquaintance's son was just attacked by the family dog, and had major damage to the face requiring a plastic surgeon and lots of stitches.

Despite being a dog owner, I'm not hugely knowledgeable about dog body language. Our previous dog was never around kids, and we had a live-and-let-live type of arrangement.


So (1)is this dog giving whale eyes/other bad body language? (2)if so, how to I address it to parent/poster?

ETA: I've removed the picture, which probably wasn't right of me to post in the first place. The general feeling seems to be that dog is probably a little annoyed or uncomfortable, but not aggressive or on the verge of attack. I won't say anything to the poster.

I also wanted to make it clear I wasn't trying to be judgemental of the poster as a bad parent or dog owner. The similarity of the situation to the one my aquantance is going though made my reaction overly emotional. She had posted pictures like this before that made me cringe, but I didn't say anything, and of course, in hindsight, I deeply regret it.

Either way, even if I did say something, it's unlikely that my internet stranger opinion will have any effect. Thanks for all your input.

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