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I JUST got home after picking up my NEW DOG! She is a rescue dog who came up from the south on a transport with dozens of others — several rescues club together to bring dogs up from the south and it stops in a lot of different places — just like the Orphan Train (one of my favorite songs - here’s version by DBFS:

I picked her up at a rest area off the New Jersey Turnpike! She was slightly freaked at first but by the time we got home I was getting tail wags. Not too surprisingly, her stomach is whacked out so we’ve had a bit of poop and upchucking but I am used to that (I’ve always had dogs, this last three years has been my longest dog-free period ever). I’ll make her some rice for dinner. She is totally ignoring my cats, which is a relief! My kitten is kind of interested in her, my 18 year old just ignores all of us which is the standard.


This dog has had at least one litter — the rescue adopted her puppies out a while ago. She has also had a torn ACL which was operated on. There are still signs of the shave from surgery but it’s grown in quite a bit so it’s a few months ago. She’s also had heartworm, which was treated. This dog has been through a lot already! They estimate she is about 4 years old but by her teeth I would have guessed more. At the moment I am technically fostering her but when I adopt her I will get her medical papers and I’ll take her for a tooth scaling. She’s got a bit of a limp and she is very tubby — they said she hasn’t had much exercise in a long time between the surgery and the heartworm. She is also so greasy and stinky! But, I’m not going to traumatize her with a bath any time soon.

I can;t describe why I fell in love with this dog based on her picture but she;s even more adorable than i thought and sweeter than I hoped! Here she is many pounds lighter:

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