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Dog Jumping and Nipple Piercing: Your Random Advice Thread

Let’s ask and give advice to each other guys! Do you have any questions you’d love to crowdsource, or are you full to the brim with life experience and wisdom you’d like to pass on? C’mon in!

I have two pieces of advice I’ve been curious about

1) My pup recently herniated a disk in her neck, which is like the most painful thing a dog can do and has a high rate of re-occurance which can lead to needing complicated surgery or paralysis. We have been very lucky and managed to recover from this bout so it looks like she won’t need surgery at the moment, but as she recovers and will begin to come off her crate restriction at the end of this week, the most important thing is to stop her from jumping. I believe the already helpful mrsfinch put it best as she will basically be living a horizontal life from now on.


What’s difficult is my dog is 5 lbs and tiny and a natural cuddler. She jumps on EVERYTHING, because she has to. If I’m on a couch or chair she’ll come in and hop up on my lap. The bed we have covered, since it is very high and it has stairs, but I’m worried about both jump proofing the rest of my house (a couch, and four chairs). I can get stairs for the couch but I can’t really get individual sets of chairs for each chair and I also don’t know how to stop her from even trying to jump at all. You know, preferably in a way that doesn’t make my house look terrible. Tips on what I can do to block off couch and chairs from her jumping? Tips on helping to train her to not jump at all?

2) And in the world’s weirdest segue, my next question is about nipple piercing. I have no piercing or tattoos, but I have had inverted nipples since I was a little girl and while they’re not terrible and not a problem (one is probably a level 1, and the other one is a little closer to a level 1), I don’t like, LOVE them. It’s recently come to my attention that piercing your nipple is actually something that usually really helps (inverted nipples are often caused if you happen to be born with short milk ducts; piercing the nipple can stretch the ducts out naturally over a few months and essentially cure it).

There is a surgical option but honestly, I don’t think I’d ever do it - it’s expensive and truly there isn’t a real problem. But if for a relatively small amount I can do something like pierce my nipples and fix it in a kind of fun and cool way, it would just make me feel a little more confident about being naked.

So - has anyone ever had their nipples pierced? Or of course, bonus points if you had inverted nipples too, but I’m interested in the whole experience - cost, sensation, etc. Have you taken them out after a while and how did they heal? I am not a piercing/tattoo person in general (like, not even my ears are pierced) so I’m not sure I’d want it forever. I have no plans to breastfeed.


THANK YOU IN ADVANCE and please put all your own long winded questions below!

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