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Dog people, emergency vet or no? [Final Update!]

We took our boy to the groomers. They found something and now I’m freaking the hell out. We’re going to take him to the vet first thing Monday but is this an emergency vet kind of situation? (CN: gross)

The groomer expressed his anal glands and said that they were full of blood. She didn’t say that one of them was ruptured or anything, and she made sure to say that our doggy wasn’t in pain, but HOLY FUCK what the hell is wrong with my dog? Has anyone had this happen to one of their pups? Should we be headed to the emergency vet right now?


Update: we had tried to call the emergency clinic but couldn’t get through. I called again and talked with them, they said to come on in. He’s getting checked out right now.

Update #2: One of his glands is infected. The vet expressed them both fully and we have antibiotics and pain medicine for him. Yay for not dying! He’ll be on the mend in a week or two. Thanks for all the responses; I really appreciate you all giving me advice.

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