Okay, so I feel super strongly that I’m in the right here, but this has happened to me a couple of times so I just want to make sure that I’m not the asshole.

I own a dog in Brooklyn. Obviously, she poops. I am a responsible dog owner — I clean up after her every time. I tie up the little baggie, and if I’m within a block of a city trash can, I carry it to the corner and throw it away in there. Often, however, when I’m on a more residential block, there are no city trash cans in sight. In those situations, I throw it in a private garbage can that is on the street. I’ve never, like, gone onto somebody’s property — I’m talking about trash cans that are literally sitting on the sidewalk, often without lids on. It’s also worth noting that I live in a neighborhood where none of the homes are single family houses — there are at least three or four families sharing each of these trash cans, and sometimes whole apartment buildings, so it’s not like one dude’s personal garbage only.

On my walk today, this guy came racing out of his front door to scream at me, “NO DOG SHIT IN MY TRASH CAN!” I politely asked where he would prefer me to throw it away, and he yelled, “CARRY IT BACK TO YOUR OWN HOUSE!”* (a good fifteen minute walk — though I guess he didn’t know that). I understand in theory that people wish that all trash cans could be unsullied by poop, but a) it’s in a bag, which I was just holding in my hand — no odors or germies will escape, b) it’s going into another bag, which you are going to tie up and move the approximately two feet to the curb (not put it in your car to take to the dump or anything), c) trash is collected every other day here, so it won’t be there long, and d) would you rather I just left it in front of your home? Because dog poop karma is gonna get you!

Am I an asshole? For the record, I walked one house down — ten feet away — and threw it out there.

*so my building’s super can deal with it instead of you? It doesn’t make any logical sense that poop can go in some trash cans but not others...