I have two little dogs, chihuahua-something mixes. One is 9, the other is older โ€” at least 11. She gave birth to the younger one shortly after we found her โ€” long story that I don't like telling. Anyway, one of them has been laying little traps all around the house. They're inside dogs, and sometimes they don't get out often enough, so I have to clean up some messes. But the past few days, one of them seems to have diarrhea: in various places in the living room I'll find little puddle/piles of runny, stinky dog poop. And these smell really awful.

The older one isn't in real great shape โ€” she's going blind and she'll give off some toxic farts โ€” but I think we had a witnessing of the younger one doing the pooping. So how do I figure out which one it is, and what can I do? Going to the vet is tough, because it always seems like we have a multiple hundreds of dollars kind of problem to deal with. Changing food is a possibility, but the older one loses her hair if her food doesn't have just the right mix โ€” right now, she eats Purina Healthy Morsels. Anybody had similar problems and have a suggestion?