Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I bought/rescued my dog from a back yard breeder. She spent a ton of time in a crate. She was a little shy and nervous when I first got her with serious separation anxiety. She’d never walked on a leash or done many “normal” dog things. Despite what I was told (that she was crate trained), she would NOT tolerate being in a crate. She’d had enough of that shit. She’s now happy, confident, and pretty relaxed with only minor separation anxiety. However, she does not play.

She gets on well with other dogs, but doesn’t understand play bows or every show any....friskiness. She has no interest in toys. She loves to be walked for mental stimulation and is overall a calm low energy dog so it’s not like she NEEDS to burn off energy. Should I try to teach her to play? Has anyone done this?


I’ve always had boston terriers that were VERY playful. They loved to romp and chase. Even the boston that I rescued who’d been severely neglected (near death from starvation) and abused, knew how to play. Maybe my other dogs taught her? I just worry that this little one is missing out. She seems happy though.

I did see a hint of playfulness today. The leaves are falling and she was watching through the window. One landed on the outside of the juliet balcony and she was pawing at the glass trying to “catch” it and was looking around for it. She couldn’t understand if it was inside or outside. She was so curious and cute about it.

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