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My friend is fostering a dog that was found swimming for its life in floodwaters in Denham Springs, LA a couple weeks ago. She seems like maybe she is a long-haired chihuahua or at least part. She is very sweet, clearly kennel trained, and was clearly taken care of. So I dunno, we spent all this time being sad her owners probably missed her and who the hell knows when and if they’d find her, etc.

Well the rescue called today and told my friend they found the owners, and they don’t want her back. I realize this might be out of desperation or necessity - shit is bad and that is understandable. But they came and got their two other dogs, and they said about *our* dog, “well we found her as a stray so we are just going to take the other dogs we got on purpose.” Again, I probably don’t know the full story so I’m trying really hard to withhold judgments. Either way, feelings about the owners aside, I feel so sad for the little girl!


I hope it was a desperate situation, because otherwise they are basically saying, “I dunno, euthanize her!” My friend asked the woman at the rescue if they just needed her to hold onto the dog for a while and that she’d be flexible and the family just said “no thanks.”

My friend doesn’t think she can keep her so I am probably going to take her. I need my husband to agree but we have been talking about adopting another dog anyway. I think he’ll come around. Poor little girl - swimming from floods and having been stray before that and now being given away.

Illustration for article titled :( Dog sadness. And hopeful happiness. Everyone call my husband and tell him to agree with me.

She’s so damn cute...


Sidenote: it’s common around here to criticize pet owners who got separated from their pets, but I’d like to just point out that the floodwaters rose quickly and if you weren’t home with the pet you might not have had a choice. Also if you had to be rescued. I imagine lots of pets got spooked and ran, too. Just want to throw that out here so you’re all not TOO incredulous about how this happens in the first place.

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