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I present some fine dogs who need homes in Chicago. Look at #demdogs (Sorry, ever since Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon gave us #dembabies, I have felt the need to find an equivalent in my life.)

This lady is named Ethel because she is a classy broad who enjoys cardigan sweaters. (Disclosure: I have no idea how Ethel feels about sweaters.) You should adopt her:


Diesel obviously got his name because he is so swoll and starred in the Fast and the Furious (parts 1-85). (Disclosure: Diesel is not swoll. He is a Jack Russell terrier. He also cannot drive, since he is a Jack Russel terrier.) He's very handsome and the word on the street is that he gives out tail wags FOR FREE!

Floyd is a chill guy who has mastered the sassy ear toss (pictured below). He has some endocrine issues, but don't we all? He just wants to go on a long walk and buy you some gelato, girl.

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